Frequently asked questions

Q: How long can it take to become an Orcas tutor?

A: You need to complete the following steps to successfully register as a tutor: 1-Complete the application form 2- Watch onboarding videos 3-Take a quick quiz asking you about the onboarding video 4- Sign service agreement contract This process might take 1-2 hours in total.

Q: How much will I earn as an Orcas tutor?

A: At Orcas, we have 4 levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. For Bronze, Silver & Gold we already have an hourly rate that cannot be changed. However, if you joined as a Platinum you will be able to set your own hourly rate. Please click here to know more about the hourly rates details.

Q: Can I teach online?

A: Of course you can! At Orcas, you have the option to choose whether you want to teach online or offline or even do both at the same time. In case you’ve chosen to do offline, you get the option to choose the areas you want to work at to make sure you’ll only get requests from these areas.

Q: I completed the application but did not receive any emails

A: Please make sure you always check your junk/spam folder.

Q: How many students can I work with?

A: Currently, we work a maximum of 4 students per session. However, stay tuned to know more about our group tutoring product which will allow tutors to work more than 4 students per session.