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Invest in your employees'
English and boost your
business performance

Course packages start at 

60 USD

Customized online courses tailored to employees' work schedules,

language levels and industry-specific requirements

including a free initial assessment

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Writing Skills

Practice writing and responding to emails. These include both internal and external case studies.

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Accent and Fluency

Improve employees' grammar and expressions while they are speaking to customers or team members

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Conversational Interactions

Gain confidence while participating in discussions, asking questions or responding to inquiries 

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Industry Terminology

Use real day-to-day vocabulary and case studies of incidents that employees will encounter


About the Course

We’ve become more connected than ever before! In addition to working closely with our own team members, employees are often required to send emails, attend meetings, or even participate in conferences with external stakeholders. Chances are, those tend to be in English!

This course is taught by CELTA and DELTA-certified teachers that tailor English learning programs based on your business needs. This includes customizing the curriculum, including industry-specific business terminology, and adapting the lesson calendar to suit the employees' workplace.

Each course is tailored to the business requirements, to ensure that the skills learned are easily applied in the workplace.

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Financial vocabulary, case studies, and focusing on writing emails and reading the news

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Practice conversations that include software terminology and reading self-help articles 

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Sales and Support

Strengthen terminology and responses to inquiries, social media comments, etc







& more!

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How it works

Placement Test

All employees take an online placement test to assess their current English level. The results are shared with you to allow you to group employees into course levels accordingly and determine who will be enrolled. 

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Curate course based on business requirements

Based on the course level(s) determined and groups determined, a CELTA/DELTA-certified teacher will personalize the course material accordingly. The course schedule is determined by you to suit the employees' working hours. Sessions take place online for a duration of 1.5 - 2 hours per session.

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Final assessment and certificate

Once the course has been completed, the employees will undertake a final assessment after which certificates will be sent virtually to those who have passed the course. 

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Attendance, assignment and progress reports

You will receive reports after each session. This report outlines the attendance of the employees, engagement, and progress thus far. Employees will be assessed based on participation as well as submitted assignments. 

Incorporate your internal software tools into the course curriculum. Previous companies have included the following examples in their case studies:  

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