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HTML & CSS Fundamentals

By Mr. Abdelhamid Hamdy

The student is qualified to design a simple web page with the addition of different colors and formats on the page

Available for ages 11 - 16
Private Course 1 Student/ Teacher
Online Live Sessions
18 Sessions

After completing the course, the student will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to create a visually appealing and functional webpage. They will be able to demonstrate proficiency in designing simple web pages by utilizing various color schemes and formatting techniques, such as font styles, sizes, and spacing. Additionally, they will have a solid understanding of how to structure the content and layout of a webpage to ensure a positive user experience.

Course Details


Level 1: Learn writing on the keyboard, computer basics, HTML tags, and elements to organize webpage.

After completing these lessons, you will have a strong foundation in writing and computer basics, as well as proficiency in HTML language including an understanding of HTML element tags, headings, paragraphs, titles, and the ability to effectively organize page elements.

Level Duration: 6 Hours

1600 EGP


Level 2: Advanced HTML comments (Lists, Tables, images, links, etc.) and designing simple pages with pictures, shapes, and tables.

After completing these lessons, you will have a strong understanding of advanced HTML elements such as lists, tables, images, and links, as well as the ability to design simple pages with pictures, shapes, and tables.

Level Duration: 9 Hours

2400 EGP


Level 3: Learn the basics of CSS and link it to the HTML page to format the page and design a simple web page interface

After completing these lessons, you will have a fundamental understanding of CSS and how to link it to an HTML page to format and design a basic webpage interface.

Level Duration: 12 Hours

3200 EGP







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NOTE* The course outline and duration can be customized based on the specific needs and requirements of the students 

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