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Matric, FSc School System Teacher

Lahore, Pakistan

Job Type

Freelance Offline Job

About the Role

Job Description:

We’re looking for Matric, FSc School System Teachers across Lahore, Pakistan to become part of Orcas' pool of teachers. This person has experience teaching students at school. He/She will work on providing in-person/private tutoring sessions to school students on a freelance basis.


Requirements: Candidate must be working or has worked at a school before, and has 4+ years of experience as a Matric, FSc School System Teacher in any grade. Passion for teaching and planning engaging lessons. Experience in differentiating instruction to cater to different learning needs and styles.


Deliver online or/and offline one to one or/and small group sessions with school students in national and international school systems.
Develop personalized learning plans for each student based on their learning styles.
Follow up with the student's learning plan and make sure learning goals are met.
Assist students with academic assignments and exam preparation.
Help students develop their skills and subject knowledge to improve learning outcomes.
Track student improvement, and share feedback and areas of improvement with parents.
Providing students with constructive feedback.
Working with Orcas’ education team to provide learning style assessments for students.
Developing teaching materials to support the learning process.

For Contact

Interested applicants shall fill in this form:
in addition to applying for the job post via LinkedIn.


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