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Here is what the students have to say about orcas. 

"Maged helped and supported me throught my difficult journey of studying Biology in my IGCSE's. I disliked the subject and my grades were a disaster in it. . . with Maged's enthusiasm, he made me enjoy learning it Since then my grades had gone from Disaster to A's or A*s in Biology."


Grade 11 IB

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orcas has been EXTREMELY helpful in finding an experienced tutor i can already see myself developing in my subjects thank you!!


Grade 10 IB


Teachers in Orcas are very qualified and helped a lot with my grades. They were also very helpful in quarantine when teachers couldn’t come they made teachers do online classes to teach us this really helped. Thank you Orcas for your help and for making it easy for people to study.


Grade 8

American diploma 

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