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Ready to use the Orcas Online Classroom?

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Your sessions are about to get a lot more engaging!

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✓ Unlimited time 
✓ Interactive whiteboard 
✓ Virtual backgrounds 
✓ Collaborate on documents
✓ Upload files using pen tool

Here's everything you need to know about

Many of our tutors struggled with making their online sessions more engaging and interactive. We took all the issues and put them together to create one solution for them: The Orcas Online Classroom (for free exclusively for Orcas Tutors). 


Say goodbye to subscriptions, time limits and bad-internet connections!

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Starting the Classroom

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Login from Web
  • Head to

  • Click Log in 

  • Select Login as a tutor*

  • Choose the package to start the classroom 

*Use the same email and password as your Orcas Partner account.

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Login from App
  • Click on Sessions

  • Select the tutoring package 

  • Click on “Start Online Classroom” 

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Inviting Student

Option 1:

The student can enter through or their app (the same way you did). 

Option 2:

You also send them the Public URL through Whatsapp. This can be found in the chat of the classroom. Click here for a video tutorial. 

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Interactive Features

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Use this to explain a concept as if you were using a notebook. You can also enable students to collaborate too.

Unlimited Duration

Don't worry about having to re-enter the classroom in the middle of your session. There is no time limit.

Document Collaboration
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See what your students are writing or take notes together in real-time. You can download the file once you finish.

Share Screen

If you want to share something from your desktop or mobile, you can share your screen. This is currently unavailable on tablets.

Upload Worksheets
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If you have a file you want to share, simply upload it as a presentation. You'll be able to use the pen tool to collaborate with your students.

Play Videos in Session
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Enter any video link in the classroom to watch it with your students. This can be used for listening exercises, fun facts, or simply as an ice breaker. 

Orcas Online Classroom
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My Online Tutor Score

Using the Orcas Online Classroom increases the likelihood of receiving requests from international clients. Orcas is currently only selecting tutors that actively use the features available to qualify as Global Tutors. 


Using the Orcas features (such as the Online Classroom and Learning Hub) allows users to experience the entire Orcas Journey. Not using them means that Orcas cannot guarantee quality. For this reason, only tutors that abide by the guidelines are selected.

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Learning Hub
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