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Terms & Policies

Orcas Partner

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Entering New Sessions

As a partner, it’s important for you to know exactly how many hours you have completed in order to redeem your earnings. To ensure that no sessions go unaccounted for, make sure to enter your session details once you have completed the session. 


  • Partners must enter session details in the Partner App before the next scheduled session


  • You can not combine multiple sessions in the same session entry (each session must be entered separately with the correct start and end timestamp)


If you do not submit your sessions, this will cause confusion between the users (parents/students) as to how many sessions they have completed and make it difficult for Orcas to track your earnings. For that reason, we take this very seriously. If you do not submit your sessions:


If you forget to submit a session once: 

You will receive a warning notification and email explaining the penalty process and explain how to avoid it. 


If you forget to submit a session twice: 

Another warning is sent entailing the same explanation. 


If you forget to submit a session three times: 

Your partner account will be deactivated for 10 days meaning you will be unable to continue your ongoing packages or receive new requests. 

Entering New Sessions
Session Confirmations

Session Confirmations

In order for you to redeem your earnings, the user (parent/student) has to confirm that the sessions took place. If a user does not confirm your session, it will not count towards your completed hours (you will not be able to redeem the earnings). For that reason, it is important for you to make sure that your sessions are being recognized on the app. Once you have entered a new session, the user will receive a notification that they must confirm that it took place on their app. 



  • Orcas does not confirm sessions on behalf of the user (parent/student) 


  • Users (parents/students) need to confirm the sessions themselves


  • Orcas sends automated reminders and tutorials to the user once you have entered your session details

What happens if the user (parent/student) doesn’t confirm the session?

  1. You can ask the user to confirm the session via the chat 

  2. You can share the tutorial on how to confirm a session with the client

  3. You can refuse to attend the upcoming session until they confirmed the previous session (make sure to communicate this with the user beforehand) 

  4. Contact the Partner Support Center for assistance if the user still does not confirm the session if the above is unsuccessful 


  • If a user (parent/student) has been contacted 3 times during 3 consecutive working days (Orcas app, phone call, Whatsapp messages), Orcas will confirm the session on their behalf. 


  • If a client sends an email to Orcas ( confirming that the session took place (same date and time as the partner entered) and that they a. In this case, Orcas confirms their sessions on their behalf

Redeeming Your Earnings

Redeeming Your Earnings

In order to redeem your earnings, make sure you have connected your Egyptian bank account or CIB Wallet as a transfer method (via the Partner App). The registered account must be under your own name. 




  • Non-Egyptians may connect someone else’s Egyptian bank account to receive their earnings

Guaranteed Earnings in Pay-Later-Requests 

Guaranteed Earnings in Pay-Later-Requests 

Orcas offers users (partners/students) the opportunity to complete two hours prior to completing their payment. This is called a Pay-Later Request. This feature was created to allow users that require more time to pay but are in need of the sessions immediately (example: their credit card currently isn’t working, but the student has an exam or they are unable to visit a Fawry vendor but need help with their homework). Orcas protects the partner by guaranteeing the earning of those first two hours. Make sure not to complete more than two hours unless you have received confirmation that the parent has completed their payment. Should you complete more than two hours, Orcas is not responsible for guaranteeing you the remainder of those earnings. 


  • Partners are guaranteed their earnings for the first 2 hours from any pay later request.


  • Orcas is not responsible for more than 2 hours in Pay-Later-Request. Orcas does guarantee more than 2 hours if the user has not completed their payment. 


  • Orcas only guarantees the first two hour earnings on packages whose statuses are: FINISHED meaning they will not continue. 

What should I do if the user hasn’t paid and does not want to finish the package? 

You can end your ongoing package after you have completed the guaranteed hours if the user refuses to pay for their sessions. Make sure to communicate that you will end the package through the chat with the parent beforehand to avoid any confusion. You can then request an Early Finish through the Partner app. 

I completed 1 hour in a Pay-Later-Request, can I redeem it? 

Yes, you can request an Early Finish through the Partner App. 

I completed more than 2 hours in a Pay-Later-Request, but the user has not completed their payment yet. 

Orcas will only guarantee the earnings for the two hours as explicitly mentioned. The Billing Team is not responsible for following up with the user until he/she pays. However, the Billing team will communicate to the client that there is an outstanding payment that needs to be submitted.

 You can redeem the two guaranteed hours if you wish to discontinue with the user and end your package. Any extra hours completed will not be guaranteed. 

Taking Money Directly From Users

Taking Money Directly From Users

Our main priority is making sure that you are able to redeem the earnings that you have completed. In order for us to be able to help you, everything must occur through the app (requests, chat, session confirmation, etc) so that we can verify actions and compensate you accordingly. This includes payment procedures. Users (parents/students) are not allowed to pay you in cash since Orcas cannot track that this transaction has occurred and how much was paid. Consider Orcas your receipt for payments to avoid any confusion, hassle or misunderstandings.  


  • You can not take cash or any other direct transaction directly from the user

What should I do if the user (parent/student) wants to pay me in cash? 

If a user (parent/student) wants to pay you in cash after a session, simply disagree and clearly communicate that this is against Orcas rules. Ask the user to complete the payment through the app via credit card or Fawry. Should any issue occur, kindly refer them to the Help Center and our dedicated Billing Team will contact them to assist them.  

I took cash from the user (parent/student) after a session, what should I do? 

Don’t worry, all you have to do is transfer the entire amount you have received to Orcas through our accepted payment methods (drop money at office or scheduling money collection and the fees is paid by the tutor or asking the client to generate Fawry code) within 5 working days. 

Penalty of policy breach

Should you fail to claim that you have received a cash payment and carry out the above mentioned procedure, your partner account becomes immediately deactivated due to the violation of our Terms & Conditions. If 5 working days later, you still have not completed the above mentioned steps, legal action may be taken. 

Session Cancellation Policy

Session Cancellation Policy

We know that sometimes things simply don’t go as planned for either you or the user (parent/student) resulting in cancellations or rescheduling the session. To ensure that both parties are informed ahead of time so they can plan accordingly, we have implemented cancellation policies to align both sides on how to do so. 

  • Postponement or cancellations of sessions must be communicated 24hours before the agreed upon session (this applies to both the partners and the users). 

  • Cancellation notices are only acknowledged if they are communicated through the chat within the Orcas app. Any communication that occurs through Whatsapp, Telegram, Email or phone-calls cannot be tracked by Orcas and is therefore not a valid form of cancellation.  

  • If a user (parent/student) is not present or does not show up at the agreed upon time or cancels the session 1 hour before it is meant to take place, the user (parent/student) will be charged a cancellation fee (the fee of the session*). The partner will be able to redeem this hour at the end of the package. 

*The maximum cancellation fee is 100 EGP

The first time you violate the cancellation policy, you will be sent a first warning via notification and email entailing the penalty process and an explanation on how to avoid it. 


The second time you violate the cancellation policy, you will receive a final warning. 


The third time you violate the cancellation policy, your Orcas Partner account will be deactivated for 30 days and a *public review will automatically be added to your profile. 


*This public review is a 1-star review added to your profile by an Orcas Official stating that you have violated the cancellation policy multiple times. Public reviews are not removed unless the partner completes 8 hours without breaching the cancellation policy after the review has been posted. 

Your count is reset every 90 days. 

Hourly Rate Calculation in Early Finish

Hourly Rate Calculation in Early Finish

The below is only applicable to the following scenarios early finish requests or remaining unpaid minutes in a full package.


If you have finished a package earlier than expected (you still have sessions that the user (parent/student) does not want to complete anymore), you can request an Early Finish via the partner app. Partners  hourly rate are calculated per hour. If you have entered an incomplete hour (example: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 50 minutes, etc), this will be counted as a full hour. However, if you have completed less than 30 minutes, this will not be calculated as an hour.  




  • Hourly rates are calculated from the time that you arrive to the session and are ready to start until you have completed the session. 


  • Hours completed that are below 29 minutes = 0 hours


  • Hours completed that are equal or greater than 30 minutes = 1 hour 

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

Orcas relies heavily on ratings and reviews from both users and partners. Once a package has been completed, both parties have the ability to leave a review on their experience. However, certain content goes against our community guidelines: 


The following content is never  allowed on Orcas:


  • Content created solely for the purpose of advertising or other commercial content, including company logos, links, or company names

  • Spam, unwanted contact, or content that is shared repeatedly in a disruptive manner

  • Content that endorses or promotes illegal or harmful activity, or that is sexually explicit, violent, graphic, threatening, or harassing

  • Content that is discriminatory 

  • Attempts to impersonate another person, account, or entity, including a representative of Orcas

  • Content that is illegal or that violates another person’s or entity’s rights, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights

  • Content that includes another person’s private or confidential information (this includes content that is sufficient to identify any user's location). 


I added an incorrect rating/review, how can I edit it? 

Contact the Partner Support Team via the Help Center with details. Once they assess the situation, they will respond accordingly. 

I received an unfair review from a user (parent/student) 

Orcas is a platform that is looking for the ultimate experience for both tutors and learners. Therefore, all Orcas users are free to describe their experience according to the way they feel as long as it is along the Orcas Community Guidelines. We understand that you might be angry about the review/rating you got. However, it’s really easy to overcome it by having better ratings/reviews in the upcoming sessions. You also are free to rate your experience.



Disintermediation is the act of obtaining a user or tutor’s contact information through the Orcas app and performing sessions outside the scope of Orcas. This means that if you or a user (parent/student) request to privately continue your sessions and complete your payments outside of Orcas, this would be considered disintermediation. 



1- Your partner account will be temporarily deactivated once your account is flagged as suspicious behavior. 


2- An email will be sent to you explaining why your account has been flagged for suspicious behavior. This will also include an invitation to attend an investigation session.


3- If the investigation confirms that you have been involved in disintermediation, you will be requested to pay Orcas’ commission for all the previous sessions that have occurred outside of the app. Your account will be reactivated once the payment has been received. 


4- If you fail to attend the investigation session, this will automatically result in a confirmed case of disintermediation meaning that you will be asked to submit the Orcas service fee for all the packages that had involved disintermediation. The service fee calculation is provided by Orcas via email. Your account will be reactivated once the payment is submitted.


5- Failing to submit the total amount due within 14 days will result in becoming permanently blocked from the Orcas platform. Orcas will have the right to take legal actions against you as disintermediation breaches the service agreement signed during the onboarding. 

Orcas Community Guidelines

Orcas Community Guidelines

As an Orcas Partner, you are expected to convey educational messages ONLY. Any of the following may be considered as a violation of our terms and conditions: 


  • Harassment of any kind (on any platform)

  • Threatening to harm (on any platform)

  • Discussing sensitive topics (religion, politics, gender, etc) 

  • Use of offensive words


Should a user complain that you have breached this violation, an assessment will be made after which the Partners Department has the right to permanently block your Partner Account should they decide that the situation was unacceptable. 

Orcas Profile Picture 

Your profile picture plays a crucial role in attracting potential clients and getting them excited about your profile. Therefore in order to make sure your profile picture meets all the professional guidelines please take into consideration the following:


  • Make sure to use a recent photo 

    We would advise you to upload a profile picture that was taken within the last 2 years maximum, if you don’t look like the picture uploaded, it might lead to a bad experience for the student and they have the right to report it. 


  • You should be the only subject in the photo

    Given that this is a professional photo, you need to make sure that you’re the only focus in the picture. ie don’t add a photo with someone else or objects


  • Wear appropriate professional or business casual attire

    Remember: this is a professional photo, which means that you need to appear the way you’d probably appear in the professional circle.

    Examples of what not to wear: beach attire or revealing clothes 


  • Your face should be the only focus 

    Always make sure to ONLY focus on your face and your facial expressions should reflect a decent smile. This means looking pleasant and confident and not having a "too serious" look on your face

    If any of the above guidelines are not met when uploading your profile picture, Orcas has the right to delete your profile picture and ask you to reupload a new one

Equality, Inclusion, and Anti-discrimination Policy

Equality, Inclusion, and Anti-discrimination Policy

Orcas is committed to not discriminating against users of our platform based on race, religion, national origin, disability, sex, marital status, age or any other characteristic protected under applicable law. Orcas strictly prohibits discrimination against its users based on the categories listed above, including in personal interactions, reviews, ratings, and the provision and acceptance of services. 


Any user found to have violated this policy will lose access to the platform. Any partner or user who has experienced discrimination will be able to contact orcas’ representatives for timely assistance, including in situations such as an assault, abuse, or any form of harassment, at Orcas “Help Centre” available on the platform.


In addition to addressing discrimination, we are actively committed to investigating and dismantling barriers to equal participation on the platform. Moreover, we commit to ensuring wherever possible that the design, operations, and management of our platform does not contribute to unequal or discriminatory outcomes.  


If you have feedback on how we can better live up to this policy, you can provide it using this form  with the option to remain anonymous. We will respond within 1 week, including outlining any relevant steps taken in line with feedback. 

Orcas Tutors Commitment and Cancellation Rate Policy

At Orcas we highly value our tutors as partners in the experience.


Therefore, we want to ensure that while our learners get the best experience, Orcas tutors also work with us in a way that suits their schedule and get high ratings for an increasing fee scale and continuity of requests.


This document/email communicates our latest policy in regards to cancellation rates and according implications.


  • We promise parents a positive experience with a qualified tutor for the entire school year. 

  • As long as the tutor profile is active, the Orcas team can recommend a tutor to a parent based on the tutor’s profile including: subjects, grades, school systems, areas and cost. 

  • Any parent can also send a request to an active tutor without Orcas team’s interference

  • When the tutor receives a request, they can accept or decline the request within 2 hours.

  • By accepting a request, the tutor understands that the default arrangement is for the package to keep renewing or last until the end of the school year.

  • Tutors should be aware of their schedule before accepting a request. If the tutor is unsure about committing to this user for the rest of the school year, we highly advise declining the request.

  • Satisfied parents are likely to renew packages or refrain from cancelling a job during the school year. Therefore at Orcas, we flag a job cancellation as either a result of unsatisfactory tutoring quality, disintermediation case, or lack of tutor commitment.

Cancellation Rate


Remedial steps by Tutor

50% or higher

and 2 OR MORE canceled jobs (in the same school year)

- Tutor status will be changed to inactive

- Tutor will be notified via email

Request a meeting immediately by booking an online appointment with the Orcas team


Wait to complete some of the ongoing jobs then book an online appointment to return to active

20% - 49% or higher

and 5 OR MORE canceled jobs (in the same school year

- Tutor will receive an email about their cancellation rate

Accept only new requests if the tutor is surely available and willing to continue with user

On a weekly basis, Orcas team members monitor tutors' cancellation rate. The team accordingly follows the following procedures:

  • Inactive status means that the tutor can continue with ongoing jobs but will no longer receive new requests until an appointment booking is made by the tutor

  • Packages where the parent explicitly mentions in the Orcas application chat that they are only interested in exam preparation or a one-time session will be taken into consideration when calculating the cancellation rate of the tutor or in the appeal request

Orcas is keen on your continuity with us. The tutor will get a notifying email that they already have one cancellation in their record. This policy applies to start the second cancellation.

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