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College Admissions Consulting

We provide guidance and support to help your high school child through the college admissions process and find the best-fit college.


The Way to your Top-Choice College

1. Preparing for Future Success
Expert Tips for Building a Strong College Application
2. Finding Your Dream College
Tips and Expert Advice for Building Your College List
3. Stay Ahead of College Deadlines
Guidance for Finalizing College List and Submitting Application
4. Perfect Your College Application
Expert Assistance for Essays and Finalizing Application
5. Choosing the Right College
Expert Guidance for Making the Final Decision

Get Accepted to Your Top-choice College with Orcas

Our expert guidance will ensure that every aspect of your college application is of top quality, making it stand out from the rest.

Supplemental Essay Sample

Colleges are looking for students who will add meaningful value to their community.

Our College Admission Consulting service can assist you in effectively communicating this message in your Supplemental Essays.

Personal Statement Sample

Present your best self to stand out among the pool of applicants, as admissions officers dedicate only about 10 minutes to each application.

A strong application strategy can help differentiate your application from others.

Application Sample

Admissions officers have to evaluate thousands of applications from high-achieving and talented students.

To make your application stand out, it is crucial to emphasize your accomplishments and distinguish yourself from other applicants.
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